Saturday, June 12, 2010


The world cup is the only sporting event that I will watch. And I'm so stoked it's in South Africa this year! The theme music at the beginning of every game makes me wanna say "where's Simba??" seriously....and my family's home country Slovenia is playing tomorrow night at 7 against I thiiiink Argentina. I'm gonna be so rowdy during that game since I take pride in my Slovenian background. I guessss I'm okay with the fact that USA tied with England, it could have been worse. We have a really good goalie. And if you watched the game....well, you know I can't say the same for England haha it's a little sad. Anyhoo...there's the South Korea game tonight and the channel that it's on isn't working on my tv so maybe I'll go down the street to Jblair's and watch it at his house.
Ronaldo, don't let them see you cry!

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