Thursday, June 3, 2010


I watched a new episode of Vanguard last night. I wont go into detail because I don't want to be super repetitive with blog post subjects or bore you guys. But lets just say this one was about the sorts of things that go on in Indian reservations out West. Being aware of what other people groups are experiencing tears me apart and makes me really grateful for where I live sometimes. I just can't help but think about how much humans are broken. I'm not really going anywhere particular with this. Just posting what's on my mind.

Another random note: I was channel surfing and came across Save the Last Dance for a few seconds and while I was watching it this black girl was talking to Julia Stiles and was like "you white girls come in here and try to...blahblahblah" and I was just thinking how it would NEVER be ok for a white person to say "you black girls..." Why is that? We get so much hate for racism, but it's cool for someone who's black to treat us any way that they want? I donttttt get it.

Third note: curfew makes me sad.

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