Thursday, April 29, 2010

An artist that just came to my mind.

Jen Lobo - I love her work. Her subjects mainly consists of our forest friends. Partly strange, mostly enchanting. Her paintings are so soft looking, it makes me really wish I could do stuff like this. Plus the quirky titles on some of them make me like her work even more.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


With everyone writing their "secrets" on big posters for the Anonymous show I kinda felt like getting one off of my chest.
It's a shame that I'm the insecure, jealous type. I'm really scared of my friends replacing me or coming to find that they don't care about me in the same way that I care about them. I guess it just makes sense because it's happened before more than once. What if they find something better than me? I don't want to let myself feel like I'm special to anyone because I'll probably come to find out that I'm not. I don't want to be let down. I don't want to invest my emotions into someone just so that I can find out they feel the same way about me as they do with all their other friends. So I put up a lot of walls. And I don't want to be vulnerable. But I wish I weren't so paranoid and I wish I could be happy and relaxed with my friendships. I just need to stop being a wuss, fearlessly love people, and get my shit together, I guess. I have the loveliest friends in the world and I couldn't ask for better ones. They aren't the problem. It's all me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essential est invisible pour les yeux."
-Le Petit Prince

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
-The Little Prince

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An observation.

There's something about them that looks slightly magical, and at the same time, slightly creepy.
It's a wide known fact that moths are attracted to light. This is because of an instinct in them called phototaxis. one really knows why they have this or what the object of them going towards the light is.
I have a sun room and there's a desk lamp that sits by one of the big windows. Anytime I have this light on during night, there are moths flinging their bodies against the window. They almost look like they're dancing. But the main point is that they are desperately trying to reach the light. It's the center of their focus and even though they can't reach it, they never stop trying. They'll be there for hours, flying against the glass as if it will eventually dissapear and let them through.

I've grown to see moths as a lot like humans. We're born with an istinct that attracts us to light (in the metaphoric sense) and we search for it all of our lives because we have a sense that it is good and without it, something is missing. But do we ever really know why we're like this? It's like our "destiny" is to be with light. If a moth were to reach the true source of light that it's trying so hard to get to (electricity), it would die. If WE reach the 'light', we die to our old selves. Unlike moths though, we have reason and purpose, which I am thankful for.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

There is a house by the sea...

...and I've been dreaming our love and our freedom.

Friday, April 16, 2010

swimmy swim

I want this! soo cute


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Florida... Gulf of Mexico... you're looking mighty fine for off season.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"The Best"

The mind's conceit has conquered all the real beauty,
grinning from a mask of hollowed bone
where a human is somewhere to be found,
but from where I don't know.
And things couldn't be better.
From behind the walls where we cannot pass,
hear the muffled traces of a boyish laugh.
Hear the monster screaming, "What have I become?"
before his looking glass.
And things couldn't be better.

-And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.
Have you ever thought..."If I could just be in this place right now, things would be okay. Everything would be okay"


Sunday - EASTER! I woke up and went to church for 9:30 sanctuary service. Saw the lovely cross collages (ps. to everyone who worked on them - i've heard really good feedback from people!). Went home for about 15 minutes then headed off to Fredericksburg to spend the day with my God family, the Taylors. My family spends every Thanksgiving and Easter with them, and randomly see them at times between those holidays. We met them back in Fairfax, VA when we both went to the same vineyard church and it's been 16 or 17 years so we're tight. Then that night Colin and I attempted to go hang at a bonfire at Elizabeth's house, but ended up visiting Scoob, Devin, and Joni...then headed to play on some swings :p
Monday - Oh Monday, what did I do? Ummm chilled all day I think, then went to have a picnic dinner at Deep Run Park with Kathryn, Julie, and Destry. Love those guys :) Then Connor came over and we watched Invasion. Intensssse movie.
Tuesday - Babysat for 6 hours. Attempted to sleep.. didn't get a chance. Then went to the sketchpad for LOST night with the regular people like con, sketch, the twins, ally, catey, etc.
Wednesday - Babysat again for 3 hours, came home, went to Target and got a new purse that I've been needing, plus a cute headband :) Then I finally did a much needed workout. I attempted to be on my stationary bike for 30 minutes but thanks to Explosions in the Sky, I ended up going for an hour! Felt good. Then came youth group. Showed up a little after 7 and everyone was playing games outside so I decided to go with Lindsay to take Stephanie to her car, which had broken down on Huguenot and was waiting to be towed. Then came back around 8 to catch the last bit of worship then a short sermon from Scoob. El Chaps, then went to Kathryn's house with Mac Destry and Kim to watch Up in the Air. Darker movie than I expected...but I enjoyed it. And always loving George C.

Seeing the guy who played Red in Pineapple Express was a pleasant surprise :) He's so hilarious.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring break 2010!

Helllloooo! I was just thinking about Spring Break and how I don't want to forget about the fun and relaxing times I had with myself and good friends. So I'm going to talk about it on blogspot. Here we go. Hope I remember everything so far
Thursday - This was my last day of classes. After school I went straight to church to help annemarie and the crew with finishing the collage of crosses for the easter sunday in the sanctuary. That night I went back to church to see the finished product and ended up going on a spontaneous starbucks date with Stephanie. Starbucks was closed...but we still ended up sitting outside of the store talking and cracking up about random things. I love her.
Friday - Good Friday! Lauren turned 19 :) I went to stoneypoint to get her gifts from Anthropologie then relaxed as much as possible. After dinner I went to pick her up from her parents house and we went down to her apartment to chill with people and have lovely carrot cake and watch Garden State. Fun night with wonderful people!
Saturday - Basically chilled all day and layed out and read. Then went to a bonfire/grill out at the Sketchpad and hung out with some great leaders like Nikki, Ally, Lindsay, etc. plus saw some college kids that were in town like Luke and Jeremy. Thennnn went home to dye Easter eggs with my family!

I'll finish the rest of the days later because I need to go take a nap or eat dinner or something. Ha......  :)

Holly Miranda

So when Lauren and I went to see Tegan and Sara in February this girl, Holly Miranda, was one of the opening bands for her. Her voice blewwww me away. She was such a little thing; but.. had a really powerful, beautiful voice. She's not singing out anything that big in this video so you can't see the full range of her talent, but this is still a really pretty song. Plus, the color of the video is really cool. It's sorta long but if you don't watch the whole thing make sure you at least catch the little "Single Ladies" jam at the end ;)