Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring break 2010!

Helllloooo! I was just thinking about Spring Break and how I don't want to forget about the fun and relaxing times I had with myself and good friends. So I'm going to talk about it on blogspot. Here we go. Hope I remember everything so far
Thursday - This was my last day of classes. After school I went straight to church to help annemarie and the crew with finishing the collage of crosses for the easter sunday in the sanctuary. That night I went back to church to see the finished product and ended up going on a spontaneous starbucks date with Stephanie. Starbucks was closed...but we still ended up sitting outside of the store talking and cracking up about random things. I love her.
Friday - Good Friday! Lauren turned 19 :) I went to stoneypoint to get her gifts from Anthropologie then relaxed as much as possible. After dinner I went to pick her up from her parents house and we went down to her apartment to chill with people and have lovely carrot cake and watch Garden State. Fun night with wonderful people!
Saturday - Basically chilled all day and layed out and read. Then went to a bonfire/grill out at the Sketchpad and hung out with some great leaders like Nikki, Ally, Lindsay, etc. plus saw some college kids that were in town like Luke and Jeremy. Thennnn went home to dye Easter eggs with my family!

I'll finish the rest of the days later because I need to go take a nap or eat dinner or something. Ha......  :)