Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An observation.

There's something about them that looks slightly magical, and at the same time, slightly creepy.
It's a wide known fact that moths are attracted to light. This is because of an instinct in them called phototaxis. one really knows why they have this or what the object of them going towards the light is.
I have a sun room and there's a desk lamp that sits by one of the big windows. Anytime I have this light on during night, there are moths flinging their bodies against the window. They almost look like they're dancing. But the main point is that they are desperately trying to reach the light. It's the center of their focus and even though they can't reach it, they never stop trying. They'll be there for hours, flying against the glass as if it will eventually dissapear and let them through.

I've grown to see moths as a lot like humans. We're born with an istinct that attracts us to light (in the metaphoric sense) and we search for it all of our lives because we have a sense that it is good and without it, something is missing. But do we ever really know why we're like this? It's like our "destiny" is to be with light. If a moth were to reach the true source of light that it's trying so hard to get to (electricity), it would die. If WE reach the 'light', we die to our old selves. Unlike moths though, we have reason and purpose, which I am thankful for.

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  1. i LOVE this! i never would have made such a profound connection! what a lovely mind you have :)