Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sunday - EASTER! I woke up and went to church for 9:30 sanctuary service. Saw the lovely cross collages (ps. to everyone who worked on them - i've heard really good feedback from people!). Went home for about 15 minutes then headed off to Fredericksburg to spend the day with my God family, the Taylors. My family spends every Thanksgiving and Easter with them, and randomly see them at times between those holidays. We met them back in Fairfax, VA when we both went to the same vineyard church and it's been 16 or 17 years so we're tight. Then that night Colin and I attempted to go hang at a bonfire at Elizabeth's house, but ended up visiting Scoob, Devin, and Joni...then headed to play on some swings :p
Monday - Oh Monday, what did I do? Ummm chilled all day I think, then went to have a picnic dinner at Deep Run Park with Kathryn, Julie, and Destry. Love those guys :) Then Connor came over and we watched Invasion. Intensssse movie.
Tuesday - Babysat for 6 hours. Attempted to sleep.. didn't get a chance. Then went to the sketchpad for LOST night with the regular people like con, sketch, the twins, ally, catey, etc.
Wednesday - Babysat again for 3 hours, came home, went to Target and got a new purse that I've been needing, plus a cute headband :) Then I finally did a much needed workout. I attempted to be on my stationary bike for 30 minutes but thanks to Explosions in the Sky, I ended up going for an hour! Felt good. Then came youth group. Showed up a little after 7 and everyone was playing games outside so I decided to go with Lindsay to take Stephanie to her car, which had broken down on Huguenot and was waiting to be towed. Then came back around 8 to catch the last bit of worship then a short sermon from Scoob. El Chaps, then went to Kathryn's house with Mac Destry and Kim to watch Up in the Air. Darker movie than I expected...but I enjoyed it. And always loving George C.

Seeing the guy who played Red in Pineapple Express was a pleasant surprise :) He's so hilarious.

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