Wednesday, June 16, 2010


15% off anything Anthro in June for my birthday and I have my eye on this little number. Apron!!!
I saw it today when I was at Stoneypoint with Heather and Stephanie. We didn't plan on seeing seven(!!!) other weagers there. We're sitting outside of Chipotle and pastor Shane and another man come walking up...then we're standing in line to get food only to find Nikki and Lisa roll in. Then Jackie walks into Anthro for her shift. Thennnnn we're in a really random Hallmark-esque store and Colin and Anna walk in. Probably the most random store they could have found us in. Anyhoo. Happy Wednesday.

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  1. haha. Papyrus... such a random little store. and you should have purchased that apron! it's so adorable :)