Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer thus far

1. I finally finished this book a week or two ago...which was on my list.
 2. I'm sooooo close to being done with Redeeming Love. There are 34 chapters and I'm on 31. shwiinggg.
3. My Title Fight cd got all scratched up in my car. They're an awesome punk band. I downloaded the album again today. sooo...dear Lord. I'm sorry that my ways of receiving music are not always 100% legal. Amen.
4. I also downloaded the whole Holding Onto Hope EP, which was completely legal from the generous label Come&Live, the same one Ascend the Hill is on.
5. Me and Kelly collected Canadian geese feathers and made a head dress for Heather today, no big deal. yes, it had buttons and pom poms. pictures later. 
6. Yesssssss going swimming in Montpelier tomorrow (technically today) my fav. place to be.
7. THE FLAMING LIPS ARE THE JAM! [race for the prize|slow nerve action|the yeah yeah yeah song]

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  1. I loved that book (The curious Incident, that is)! I love weird things like that