Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm watching this show Vanguard [investigative journalism] and this episode is called "Missionaries of Hate"..
It's about the Christian church in Uganda and the Ugandan homosexuals that are being persecuted by them. The church is trying to pass a law (not sure if they have succeeded yet) that will make it so that the charge for being gay is...death. Stuff like this gets me flustered. Homosexuality isn't a crime, it's brokenness.
If this is justice, we should all be put to death.  
You can't kill and persecute in the name of Jesus. It's not our right. The extensive judgment that is being put on people by the churches in Uganda makes me a little sick. It's ignorant mindsets like this that turn people away from Christianity as a whole. This is where we get the name hypocrite. 
One gay Ugandan that was willing to be on camera talked about how his whole town knows he's gay because of so much gossip and discrimination. It showed him sitting in a church, alone, praying for things to be different. He's gay, so he is vile and shouldn't be treated as a human, according to the Ugandan church. Yet here he is...sitting having genuine time with God wondering why things are the way they are in his country. It broke my heart seeing him because he is looked down on to such a degree that people think he should be killed. But he is one of the nicest people that the journalist encounters in the episode. 

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  1. we always forget that we have no right to throw that first stone. it saddens me to see the church so full of hate.