Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here comes a not happy post.

So I went to a new diabetes doctor a few weeks ago and long story short I've been using a really out-dated type of insulin that's made it really hard for me to stay healthy. Turns out my old doctor at the Stoneypoint offices didn't really care to tell me or help me. All my visits with her were just kind of "you're not doing well" and that was that. She was a cold woman and acted like I was just another appointment that she had to get through before getting to go home. Nice, huh? So I switched to St. Mary's and have a new doctor (who actually isn't new because I had her a long time ago) but she is really sweet and doesn't intimidate me. She genuinely wants to help me so I'm switching my type of insulin to something else and even though it will work better with my body, it brings out a whole basket of issues for the meantime.
Since I'm starting on a new insulin type, my doses right now are pretty much "experimental" and we haven't figured out the right dose yet. I'm constantly having to check my blood sugar, count carbs, etc. It all pretty much sucks. And my doctor would rather start at a lower dose and have high blood sugars than risk a higher dose with low blood sugars so I've been pretty sick this past week ever since I started. My blood sugars are constantly high because we're still trying to figure out how much insulin I need and it makes me feel really sick. It leaves me feeling super fatigued all the time and there's been a few instances when I thought I was going to throw up. Not to mention high blood sugars pretty much put you on constant edge with all your emotions in turmoil. I've been really irritable and sensitive and I want to cry pretty much anytime one of my parents yell at me or just sitting and thinking about the fact that I feel like I'm never going to be "healthy" ...atleast not for a bit. Anyways, sorry guys that this is super long but I just felt like explaining what has been going on with me this week and I apologize ahead of time if I seem mean or snap at any of you. Please just pray for me and I'll keep you guys updated. 


  1. awww! my dear sweet elsbeth, i will be praying for you! i'm sorry you don't feel well :( if you need or want anything at all please let me know! i love you!!!

  2. i'll be praying els. i hope you feel better soon, friend.

  3. im praying for you, babe! just think of how much better things will be once you have your doses figured out!

  4. what are you taking now boo? byetta?