Monday, May 17, 2010

La classe de français

So one of the girls in my french class is having a french exchange student, Gabby, stay with her. She was funny. Today in class the teacher stepped out of the room while we were taking a quiz and Gabby started looking over one of the students quizzes and was telling her all the french mistakes and was like "just correct it! the teacher isn't in here!" Anyways, we had filmed some skits from Le Petit Prince and we watched them today. Gabby said she couldn't even understand what we were saying because our accents were so bad and she said it sounded like we were speaking English hahaha. f.a.i.l. 
We really aren't that's just that when you're focusing so hard on your lines you're really not thinking about putting in effort for a good accent. Oh well. I'm out of school! Don't have to take any exams! :D