Saturday, January 8, 2011

Impromptu blog post about today.

I rarely blog about my day. But anyways...I'm sitting at the dining room table with my laptop. Listening to We Were Promised Jet Packs (a greeeaatt Scottish indie rock band that I very much recommend) and flipping through my new Urban magazine. I just got home from turning in an application to Cafe Caturra. I talked to the manager, shook his hand, and he said he would most likely call me on Monday about interview details :) yay. I really want to work in that specific area. It's lovely.
So on my way home I thought I was going to have this huge philanthropy-esque moment. First I'm about two minutes away from my house and I see a stray dog on someone's yard. Every time I see a dog I feel the need to take it home to its owner. Call me an animal lover. But there's really nowhere to turn around where I am, soooo I go through the town houses that are at the entrance of my neighborhood by Gayton Crossing so that I can turn around. When I go into the parking lot there, there is someone passed out on the sidewalk. I sort of saw them at the last minute so I didn't stop right away. I decided I'm going to go get the dog then come back for the person and see if they need help/need me to call 911 (No, I don't value dogs above humans, there as a man standing over the passed out person, holding a Hot&Ready from Little Caesar's so I figured they were getting help).
I go back where the dog was and can't find it anywhere. Give up...then go back for the man. When I drive back into my neighborhood, there is no one lying on the sidewalk and the hot&ready guy isn't there either. I was gone for a grand total of two minutes. Oh well, I tried.

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