Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been cleaning my room all day..

a bit
Here at 6:15 I decided to take a break, sit down and look at some Ellie Goulding on youtube. She's a British artist with a beautiful voice. She does a lot of covers, all of which I love. The first video is her covering "The Cave" by Mumford&Sons. If it gets to the middle of the song and it sounds unfamiliar, it's because she does a little jig, if you will, of her original song "Starry Eyed". But I love Mumford. And I love her. And the two songs blend nicely :) I was just going to post that video, but then on the sidebar I saw a video of her covering "Only Girl in the World" by Rihanna. Granted, I don't even like this song. But Ellie covering it along with about ten other people doing orchestra-esque music to it was quite delightful. Check it out. And take note of the cute way that she uses the word "lad" ...and pretty much her overall accent. *sigh* I want a British accent.

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