Monday, January 10, 2011

First day of spring semester

cheesin' before class.

Too bad I got there and my prof cancelled class.
My 6th grade crush is in my class though, life is so funny sometimes.
I decided I would make the trip worth something and go to the bookstore at jt to get an iclicker, which I needed for class. You know when you look at someone and they look like a huge dork but you don't want to judge them? And then they get a text message to which their phone makes the sound from Zelda when you open a treasure chest. It's confirmed. They're a dork just like you thought. But I guess I'm a dork too since I recognized the sound right away.. 
Behind me were two black girls who's conversation I couldn't help but overhear. One walked up to the other and says "where's dumb and dumber?" to which she replied "the cafeteria" (JT has a cafeteria?) and the other girl goes "fat asses." Later the same girl goes "Mayne, he cheated on me. And so I told him it was going to take more than just an apology. Maybe I'll forgive him after he buys me like.. four cheesburgers. Shit I'm hungry. Nah.. I'm on a diet."
What?! But didn't you just say...ahh nevermind.
They continued dropping F-bombs and N words. Ugh. Lady.. you're in a school bookstore, show some class. John Tyler is so fun!