Friday, January 29, 2010


I haven't been able to post any of my pictures lately in my blog due to the fact that my computer crashed so I've been using my parents. Lucky for me, my computer's back and it has a new hard drive, but unfortunately all my old stuff is gone. Scoob is currently working on getting all my pictures back for me. Anways, these are new pictures that I was able to load onto my computer the other day so I wanted to blog about them.

Kelly made me this for Christmas and I think it's adorable :)

I've been using it for random creative things I write down but the Wednesday before last a guy came and talked named Jake Lyell (sp?) who works for Heffer International and does photography for them. He stays in Africa so I definately wanted to take notes and brought this along with me to youth group. Then went home and got my colored pencils out.

Currently listening to: Neutral Milk Hotel :-)

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  1. awww :) i cannot tell you how happy this made me!