Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roberto and Rachel Pena

Rachel and Roberto are going back to Brazil this Thursday and tonight was the last time that our whole small group would get to hang out together with Rach. Me, Annemarie, Rachel, Ellory, Kelly, Lorraine, Olivia, and Gabe all went to Heather's house and hung out talking and playing games like "never have a I ever" and "would you rather." I love hanging out with my junior girls. But I'm overwhelmed with sadness knowing that it wont happen again for a long, long time. When small groups started freshman year we were all just getting to know each other as a group, gaining trust, and forming relationships with each other and our leaders. I knew Rachel was going back to Brazil, but it wouldn't be for two years so I barely thought twice about it.

Now Rachel and Roberto are leaving... in less than a week. They haven't been at church much, so I was getting used to them not being around. But Wednesday night I picked up Sarah Pena to go to El Chaps and we ended up going back to her parents house to hang with them. I was supposed to be there for about 10 minutes because I still had homework that was due the next day but I ended up staying about an hour and a half, barely making my curfew :p I just couldn't leave when we're all sitting together and Roberto is telling hilarious stories about pranking people back in Brazil when he was a kid. I went back and hung out there Thursday and Friday night, and then saw Rachel tonight at Heather's. Hanging out with them again is making their leave hit me really hard. Of course we'll still have Gabe as our leader. And I love Gabe to death, but Rachel was like our small group mom. They've both been there for all of us through the thick and thin. The highs and lows (ha..ha..ha..) Needless to say, our goodbyes that will probably happen tomorrow morning at weag aren't going to be easy.

I'm gonna miss you guys so much. Roberto, you're hilarious and probably one of the kindest men I know. You have a huge heart and what you're doing with Seeds of Hope down in Brazil is amazing and I really can't wait to see as more kids come off the streets and into your school to learn traits that will give them a life they deserve. Rachel, you know me so well. You've been there for me, Heather, Olivia, Kelly, and Annemarie for almost 2 1/2 years straight and I can't thank you enough. Some of my favorite memories of high school have been of our small group. You light up a room and I can't tell you how much I love you and am going to miss you. Keep in touch and never give up what you're doing. You two are going to change so many kids lives. I LOVE YOU!

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