Saturday, September 17, 2011

parlez-vous le francais?

Got my hands on French rosetta stone. Could not be happier. I haven't been able to take French since Junior year because I made it up to French 4 when I was at WA and that's all that they offer and John Tyler only has French 1&2 which would probably be a waste of money so annnnyway....I've been craving to learn more French and keep up with it because I really don't want to forget any and since I am aspiring to live in Montreal within the next year or two if everything goes well with school then French will become even more important in my life. So I have all levels of rosetta stone and I'm starting from the beginning because it will be a good review/fresh start. I talked to Elliott Shaw on Tuesday night about life and such and we started talking about French because he lived in France for a semester when he was in high school and he is pretty much fluent, can speak extremely fast, and has a perfect French accent. And while talking to him I found out that French is his major even though he's not entirely sure what he wants to do with it, and I'm sort of in the same boat because I plan on making it my minor. And then we ended up having a mildly lengthy conversation on facebook in French which made me very happy cause I understood pretty much everything he was saying :) I'm still extremely far from being fluent buuuut rosetta stone will take me a lot farther, I believe. I'm pretty much at that point where if you were to ask me on the spot "how do you say ____ ___ _____" then I may not necessarily know the answer, but if I see French written then I get the gist of what it is saying. This whole thing just excites me and I'm not sure why :)


  1. not even kidding, i was just talking to kate about how she and i should get rosetta stone for french. thats just funny.