Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY wedding

My dear friends Laura and Joe are getting married in November. They live extremely simplistic lives relying on God every day because they tour in a band for a living. Soo, in order to make a good budget (and have fun) Laura is doing a ton of stuff herself for the wedding instead of spending thousands of dollars on flowers, caterers, decorations, etc. Sunday afternoon I went over to their house and helped her make some things for the wedding because I love crafting and she said she wanted my creative input. I'm also going to help her set up for the wedding the night before and it's all so very exciting. We made paper flowers from an old book and wired them to sticks from the yard with wine bottles, which will serve as center pieces for the reception tables. And also brainstormed for some garland ideas. It's all so fun, I love this stuff...it makes me happy :)
 the forest of center pieces we made 
(they look really cool in person, my low grade mobile picture doesn't do them justice)

 This is Lilly, Zak's cat. She kept us company and made us laugh by chasing all the little paper pieces that were falling on the floor.

 Laura wrapping yarn around bottles

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