Saturday, October 9, 2010

patter about this and that.

   Anthropology sends you a postcard to tell you that you didn't get the job. How sweet of them. Ha, I mean...I knew you had to be 18 but went to the interview anyway. Oooh well. I'll probably be on the hunt for a small café or bakery to find my employment in. My parents are supportive in my needs, but I was born independent and that's just where I'm comfortable. Supporting myself. I'll end up where I'm supposed to be, but hopefully it's in the near future. Yesterday Austin asked me how my school year was going so far, and I hadn't really thought about it up until that point. It's going well! I didn't think I would be able to balance everything like I have. Getting schooled by 3 sources and still hanging at church 3 days a week (not to mention capital ale every Monday ;) Trust me, it's not by my own strength.
   One thing I AM having a hard time balancing out is books to read. So I started reading the Bible from the beginning because I've never read the whole thing. My Bible reading has been sporadic and random; there's a ton of stuff I haven't read. Especially Old Testament. And when people say "you know in the story of ____ where he ____etc."...I want to know that story and find it relatable. Another motive is the fact that I never truly feel close to Jesus. It's so up and down to where it doesn't even seem like there's a point to the ups. I don't like that feeling. And I guess keeping up with the Bible [which I don't normally do] is a good way to keep out of a "spiritual funk," Soooo there is that and then I'm also trying to get through the Narnia series just because novels are sort of my first love but I also want to stay committed to this Bible reading. I'm on Prince Caspian and I want to get through it and then finish Voyage of the Dawn Treader before the movie comes out this winter! Geek alert. Friends who like to read: any suggestions on finding time to stick with your Bible aaand a wonderful novel? Maybe this is something really simple and I'm just a terrible multi-tasker. Such is life.
Tati and I were talking about books the other day when we hung out and we both sort of have dreams about having a big library one day. Ahh wouldn't that be the best? I like to think so :) We went downtown to Diversity Thrift to scope out some vintage furniture for her new place. We picked out an ivory chair that was verrry pretty. And then about 6 or 7 books. Let me tell you...if you're looking for some antiques this place is amazing. They had this huge wooden armoir for $200. And then this gorgeous vanity that came with a tall rustic dresser and side table all for extremely cheap. Go check it out. I need a desk and I told my mom that we're definitely going there. It's perfect.

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  1. here is how i read:

    i am actually reading through the Bible from cover to cover as well! i read in the morning. get up thirty minutes to an hour before you normally would and read. its a sacrifice and you do lose a little bit of precious sleep, but let me tell you, it is so worth it. i find that i rely on the Lord more through out the day if i begin my day with him.

    and then later on in the day, after lunch, before dinner... whenever i have a slot of spare time, i pleasure read. it's all about making time for stuff :)