Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy October!

This weekend was great :) A bunch of kids from college came home. Friday night I went to Kathryn's house with some people and we put in Iron Man 2..which actually turned into us talking the whole time. And by that I mean me shaking my head at Destry's douchebag-ness towards poor Julie hahah and hearing all the boys comment on Scarlet Johansson's hot bod. Saturday I went out to lunch with them (Kathryn Elizabeth Alex Julie Connor Colin Sissy Jesse) at Chipotle. Later I went to Lauren's house and cried laughing after 10 minutes of making up raps for her bunny and dancing around. Then we stopped by sweet frog to see everyone mentioned above and headed over to Taylor Moore's house...later joined by Luke. It was so cold and wonderful. We layed in his cul-de-sac, got yelled at by Mrs. Moore for it, played with Chloe, poncho life, etc. then I dropped Lauren off at home and my night was over. I love this weather!! aaahh. OH, and Jamal is engaged!!!! No big deal!!

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