Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short tidbit about...

something that is sort of a big deal in my life. I've always been very self conscious and compared myself to other girls...a lot (a majority of that concerning my body). This week I was at the beach with my family and as I sat there I began to notice something. I was deeply analyzing every girl that walked by. Comparing her to myself, thinking "ugh perfect body" or "she doesn't exactly have a perfect body, but I'd rather have her body than mine, etc. And I guess I've sort of always done this but became more aware of it this week. Yeah, comparing myself to other girls doesn't make me feel good about myself; so you wanna know the funny thing? Not once did I ever try to stop. Not once did I say "hey, I'm not going to do this anymore." Too simple right...well, I tried it. And it really helped. I stopped looking at other girls, and if I did look at them, my thoughts were always more along the lines of "oh, good for her" [no sarcasm...really, I promise]. Anyways it just makes me think that half the time we're stuck in something that makes us miserable, it's probably ourselves that are doing it and if we don't take action we can't expect to feel okay. I'm not saying I have a huge boost of confidence now, or that I don't ever wish I was different, but standing up and saying I'm not going to attack myself anymore has been a healthy experience. I've always seen those "peace body pledge" things you see in 17 magazine and the like -- only to think
pffft, like that changes anything. 
But I guess little steps like this are what get you on your way towards something bigger. So far so good.

Okay that wasn't as short as I expected. Peace!


  1. Sorry if you didn't know I was following you.. not trying to be a creeper haha but I really like this post :) I compare myself to every girl I see too but your point of view really makes sense.. I need to stop haha.

  2. Elsbeth, I'd rather have your body than mine. I hope that gives you a new perspective on things. You're your own worst critic. And I'm not just saying that; I genuinely have thought that since I met you... I just never told you. :)

  3. I just read your tweet. I would tell you who I am, but I'm afraid you'll think I'm weird. Sorry. :(