Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It seems as though all my desires are things which I know I'm not ready for. It's a fact that is very frustrating to face. Maybe instead of feeling so stagnant I should count my blessings and enjoy where I am for this moment because nobody knows if we'll even see tomorrow. I'm currently listening to "Let it Be" from the Across the Universe soundtrack and it's making me happy, even though the scene in the movie is terribly sad.
I think this scene is beautiful and especially love that they didn't record these songs in a studio then edit it into the movie. This is them...really singing. Right there. Talent talent talent. I wish I sung like Evan Rachel Wood!


  1. I love that movie and this song! Its one of my favorite sung by them out of this whole song its one of my fav scenes! I just love this movie!

  2. i totally feel you on your thought. Imma try to crank the same sentiment. And i absolutely refuse to believe that song was sung live, it was just waaaaayyyyy too good, haha. unfair if it really was