Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Hey! It's the lavender ladies."

Lauren and I went into Good Foods Grocery tonight because I needed to get some lavender incense. Lauren needed some too. Hey, when do we not need incense? Anyways, neither of us had had dinner yet so we went on a search for something to munch on. Most the food there is organic (it might be all organic, in fact), so we found some pretty neat things.
Organic white cheddar maccoroni, sweet potato chips, Diet Hansen's peach soda, and chocolate/yogurt covered seeds! If you look in the back, you'll see the water bottles that Lauren bought that say "FEED" and "HOUSE." More than 50% of the proceeds go towards getting water to global areas that are in need. Unfortunately, the water was only about 39 cents.
::womp womp::

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