Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A tad late

And by a tad, I mean this post is reeeally late. Anyways, about a month ago Tati and I ventured to Blacksburg because Comrades (the band my brother drums for) had a show there. Plus I wanted to check out the city/Virginia Tech. We had a couple of hours to waste before going to set up for the show so we drove around the campus and I saw some green houses and wanted to pull over to adventure (yes I'm turning 'adventure' into a verb). We sort of went off the beaten path, so to say, and found that there was a huge garden area that had been put together by agricultural students at Tech. It was gorgeous and I claimed if I ever go to Tech, I will spend all my time in this place. We hit up a Salvation Army where everything was SO cheap and the worker gave us a free birthday cake. Completely random, but completely awesome. We brought the cake to the show and shared it with everyone and I did merch with Laura, which I always thoroughly enjoy. I love doing this because you meet so many cool people, but it's sad at the same time because most of the people you meet (as in other bands) don't live in the area that you do and so you rarely get to see them. Oh well, that's the way of tour I suppose. Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

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