Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Kate's mysterious waste"

Australian magazine vs. British magazine.

"If Disney taught us anything, it’s that Stockholm Syndrome is really romantic if your kidnapper is fluffy and more importantly, that princesses are way thin and pretty. But how thin is thin enough? Super-slender newly royal Kate Middleton somehow didn’t make the cut but thankfully British Grazia was able to do some snipping for her. For their Royal Wedding cover, they eliminated a few of her vital organs (not pictured) in order to give her a more appropriate mannequin silhouette. Sadly, their good deed went noticed against their Australian cover featuring the same image (and I’d imagine the live coverage of the wedding kind of gave them away too)."
-Via Hello Giggles

Pretty disgusting, if you ask me. I'm glad Hello Giggles (a project started by Zooey Deschanel and two of her friends) could bring light to something like this, especially since Zooey is a role model to a lot of girls. Their sarcasm about "removing vital organs" lead me to legitimately wonder...do girls know that what they're striving for isn't REAL?


  1. Girls DON'T know. I didn't know. Some days I STILL don't know. That is a lie that people believe time and time again whether they know in their heart of hearts it's wrong.

  2. This makes me want to punch someone... Things like this are what break my heart, and the ignorance they seem to have about what this does to girl fills me with more rage than I can splurge about on here. But I'm so glad she drew attention to this. Someone needs to, and her celebrity status is an incredible platform to do it from.

  3. yeah heather I completely agree. We can know the facts but still fall and give in to what the media is teaching us.