Monday, July 25, 2011


Kelly and I were looking for something to do last night. I remembered earlier that day I saw on The Camel's page via facebook that there was a free show going on, so we went. Because it didn't cost money. Which is awesome. I recognized one of the names on the bill, Dave Watkins, this really sweet acoustic player who I saw at The Camel on my 16th birthday. The band headlining called "No BS" I had never heard of but I looked at their facebook page and they had a lot of likes from people that I was friends with. Sooo we went and unfortunately we had missed Dave by a couple of minutes. But we saw my friend Ian and also ran into Josh random. Anyways, No BS went and they were SO. GOOD. Their New Orleans feel and use of the megaphone to sing and hype people up had everyone in the room dancing around. Such a fun time! I didn't expect them to be that good but they are definitely different from any other band I have seen in Richmond before. Their song where they yell "RVA ALL DAY!" in between saxaphone and tuba riffs was awesome. If a band can make a whole room full of people dance, you know they're good. I wanted to go talk to the band members afterwards but they were no where in sight so Kelly and I started heading for 711. We were driving on Grace St. and I stopped to let someone cross the road and when I looked it was No BS's vocalist, Reggie (he was so suave) of course I rolled down the window and yelled in a dumb fan-girl voice "YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!" I will definitely be keeping up with them.

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