Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sacrificial obedience

Sometimes I have impromptu weeping it makes me feel better because at least I'm getting it out. I tend to be bubbled up with emotions on a pretty regular basis. They aren't always bad emotions. Just...emotions. And lots of em. Right now I'm facing realities that God has put before me and I don't really know what He's doing but I suppose that's not really for me to know, now is it. What if you had to leave everything you once knew and no longer care for yourself. What if I don't want to get uncomfortable. At least I have friends that I can spill my mess onto and they don't mind and they speak wisdom to me. Taylor told me we're really not on this earth to be comfortable and we really wont have the capability to love others who we were called to love and serve if we don't first fall in love with God. I'm processing a lot these days.

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  1. This is good. I am praying for you Elsbeth and I am here to listen if you ever need it. God's heart is yearning for yours and He will not relent until He has every last bit of it! Sometimes, we aren't the ones who need to try to love God more. A lot of times we just have to let Him love US. Our hearts can become hard without us even knowing it and we have to let t go and sit at His feet and wait for His love to take over us.