Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Get behind the wheel. Stay infront of the storm."

I do occasionally enjoy a rainy day. And the 40 song folk playlist I just made makes me feel happy. Today I didn't feel like going home after having lunch at Stoneypoint so I went for a drive out towards Goochland then took River back to Gaskins. It's a peaceful drive, especially on a day like this where it's drizzling and misty. Being out there makes me want a house in the country more than ever. Anytime I see a long path and a lot of land leading up to a home, I get unbelievably jealous. It's pretty much my dream. Imagining having all that grass to run around in and sweet forts(tehe) makes me feel like a little kid again. And the perfect thing about that area is that you're in the country but you can reach civilization in a matter of minutes. It's just...ahh. One day...

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