Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I had my first day of class at John Tyler yesterday. It went well, I like my teacher. It's great to get back into the swing of things. I spent a couple hours doing homework at Cafe Cattura on Grove today with an iced honey spice coffee, twas relaxing. I'll start classes at WA on the 9th and that'll be a breeze this year. I really am loving anthropology and I'm excited to keep studying it! There are some quirky kids in my class.
Anyways, I had been stressing out a lot about colleges lately because I reeeally wanted to go to McGill in Montreal but I had a discussion with my parents about it and unless I can get a bunch of scholarships...it's not happening. Buuuut my family is still on board for the trip there next summer. So even though I probably wont end up going to school there, my parents informed me of a ton of possibilities for next year and really made me feel better. I told them how stressed I was about finding a school that I genuinely liked, getting my SAT's done, getting a job, making choices for my major, etc. and my mom basically told that I'm so stressed out because I'm looking at a ton of things at once, when I need to focus on one goal at a time. Right now, that's getting caught up on math and taking the SAT in the Spring. I've been working for Joni taking care of her kids every week for a while and planned on getting another job once the kids go back to school and my commitment was over (which it now is). But my parents said that if focusing 100% on school this year [specifically, math] meant not having a job for now, then they would support me with gas and stuff. I'm glad I have parents like that.
Moving on...besides doing organization work in Africa, I really would love to be a baker (but don't want to go to culinary school). So one of the options my parents suggested was going somewhere after I graduate next year and apprenticing under a baker (literally anywhere...even Montreal if I wanted!) I'm for sure not going to a university next year because of all my SAT crap and not having it done in time, but my parents really did make me feel better about taking a year off of school and all the neat things I could do. I feel really relieved after that talk with them.
Life is good. I'm happy :) And I'll go wherever the wind takes me

I know I pretty much just wrote a book...and if you read this whole thing, then...bless you :p
ps. listen to this song it'll get you stoked on life.


  1. i know exactly how you felt. i felt the same way a few night ago. then i talked to my mom and she just kept reminding me that God know where we are going to be next year at this time whether we do or not. He has everything under control and He will make sure that we are just where we are supposed to be. it helps a little to know that we really don't even need to fret one bit. He has it all planned out and He is just waiting to tell all. but we have to be patient and trust in whatever He has for us. i am so glad that you are feeling better about it though :)

    love that song soooo much!

  2. i loved reading this :) i'm glad that things are looking up! and i love you so very much! i support you in all of your endeavors!

  3. that is soo wonderful elsbeth! its great that you have so many options and that your parents are so supportive! you know your future's gonna rock :)