Monday, March 22, 2010

spring spring spring!

This weekend was so full of wonderful things. Let's see...
Friday - stopped by the Voraritskuls to see Sarah because she was staying there to watch the chillens all week. Then I went down the street to Devin and Scoobs house because they're in Vegas and Gabe is house sitting so the junior girls and some leaders all had a sleepover with Franklin the pup.

Saturday - woke up and grabbed some quick Einstein's with Gabe and Febes, then went home for a little. THENNN it was off to Tess & Kelly's tea party for their March birthdays. We sat around eating delicious stuff, brought some to Colin down the street, then we all went to the Lake and layed in the grass in the glorious weather for the first day of Spring. Went home... chilled with my mom and sister a little bit, then went back to the Voritskuls to geek out with Sarah and watch Harry Potter (marathon weekend.......).

Sunday - woke up, went to church, Brian's sermon was really great, and 1822 band did awesome. Then I went to stoneypoint and hung out with Josh and Lindsay for lunch. Then Colin and David met up with us. Went back to church and got on the swing set with Colin... went home... did some homework...then back to the Voritskuls for more Harry Potter hahaha.
I haven't had a fun eventful weekend like that in a long time. Little moments like these are what I enjoy :)

**strawberry fields forever**

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  1. harry potter! i love that you love him just like me,