Saturday, May 14, 2011


Art art art. Thursday I went and saw the Picasso exhibit and yesterday I went to both Taylor's art showcase and a dance production. So art has been on my mind lately. Today I was grabbing lunch in a coffee shop with my dad and there happened to be some art on the wall for sale. The piece that was next to our table had maybe 3 or 4 colors in the whole things with different shades of blue and a couple other colors put on top. Your simple "anyone could do this" abstract...$950. Don't get me wrong, they're pretty and have the potential to compliment a wall quite nicely but...come on. Almost 1,000 dollars?
It makes me think. What art these days is actually DOING something? Whether "doing something" means your instrumental music awakens tears in people for unknown reasons or you can create a tangible object which drives people to give themselves a simple heart check. There's a spiritual aspect to some art that cannot be explained by everyone and that's what I love about it. And that's the kind of art that I truly cherish and makes me strive to do more in my own artistic endeavors.
At Taylor's art show, I took a picture of what he had put on the wall as sort of his theme for the showcase and what he was trying to convey through every piece. "I must become beneath the foundation which is seen. He must become more abundant, which is too often not seen. He built the foreground and deserves every ounce of it. It's a process of accepting. I am not." This overjoys me and I couldn't respect it more. Talk about art that is doing something. Love you like a brother. People try to make art so...artsy. When all you need is purpose. And as I sit here eating a little bowl of fruit loops, I'm reminded of the simple things in life. like Toucan Sam.