Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As I sigh...

My Eto'o bracelet that Lauren got me in Cameroon is unwinding. It's my favorite bracelet you know.
I spent about an hour looking at residence things for Mcgill. Each click made my anxiety level go up. It's what I want...but at the same time, I think about the point at which I'll be saying "Hi, I'm moving to Canada in a month. a week. tomorrow. Alone." That's scary.
I'm not talking to my dad. He's trying to act like things are okay. 
Trust me. They're not.
Kelly Gumm is my passive aggressive partner in crime.
Now I choose whether or not to dwell on these things...as "The Scientist" comes through my Pandora playlist. Two words: Wicker Park. Oh of course...it's a live version, which allows me to hear the emotional trembling of Chris Martin's beautiful voice. 
c r y

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