Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music and movies for your liking.

Recent movies I've seen that I thoroughly enjoyed:
1. An Education. I watched this with Kelly and Stephanie. They both really liked it, and then later that night I saw Lindsay and she informed me that she had seen it and loved it as well :) 60's...England...adorable clothes...Oxford...entertaining plot...nuff said.
2. Easy Virtue. I watched this last night but didn't quite catch everything due to the distraction of texting, so I'm watching it for a second time today. I liked it though. It's set it England too, but the early 1900's. It has Ben Barnes (prince caspian yum), Jessica Biel, and Colin Firth (who I love as an actor).

Music:: Birdie Busch. it's folk. Check this stuff out! <3

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